Chicken and Mixed Veg Stir-fry

Time: 10 – 15 mins

Difficulty: Super easy

Portions: 2


This Asian dish is famous for being super quick, extra healthy and full of flavour. You can use all sorts of vegetables and meats, so feel free to customise. This dish is cheap, easy and down right delicious: give it a go. This recipe also provides enough for 2 portions, however you don’t have to make both at once, you can save half the ingredients for another day.


  • 2 Chicken breasts
  • 200g of broccoli
  • 8 closed cup mushrooms
  • 1 red pepper
  • 4 spring onions
  • 3 tsp of ground ginger
  • 5 tbsp of dark soy sauce
  • 1.5 tbsp of fish sauce (not essential)
  • 300g portions of rice noodles



  1. To make everything easier, do your prep. Slice you’re red pepper into thin strips (julienne), thinly slice your mushrooms, chop any broccoli that are too big, thinly slicing the top half of the spring onions (all of the green bit) and get out all the other ingredients ready to use.
  2. Now put all your veg into a bowl and put to one side for now. With the same chopping board, slice your chicken into small bitesize chunks and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Throw your chopped chicken into a wok or large pan on a medium/high heat with olive oil, then sprinkle your ground ginger over the top and give it a stir.
  4. Let the outside of your chicken cook for a few minutes and once sealed, then add your veggies and again season with salt and pepper. Mix everything together and turn the heat down to medium.
  5. Once you’ve added your veg, you should now add your soy sauce and option fish sauce, then give it a sprinkle of black pepper.
  6. Continuing to stir, you now have the option to add any chilli paste or powder if you wish (I use chilli paste, it gives it a nice kick) to make your stir-fry spicy, however, this isn’t essential.
  7. Cook your veggies for about 5-6 minutes until the mushrooms go brown and the broccoli softens a little. Once your veg is ready , then add your rice noodles and stir into the vegetables.
  8. Finally (yes, it’s that fast), let your rice noodles cook for 2 mins, throw your stir-fry into a bowl and dig in!


Price list:

What will this meal cost you? Lets take a look:

  • 2 chicken breasts – £2.50
  • 240g of broccoli florets – £1.25
  • Pack of closed cup mushrooms – £0.90
  • 1 red pepper – £0.55
  • Bunch of spring onions – £0.55
  • 300g of rice noodles – £1.25

Total estimated cost – £7.00

Estimated price per portion – £3.50


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